Welcome to my website and an insight into who I am and what services I can offer. 

Counselling and supervision is a very personal experience and I believe that you need to find the right person to connect with in order to have the relationship that allows you to be honest, open and relaxed enough to work on whatever you would like to discuss.


Lets walk together through the maze and see where the path leads!



Many people access counselling when they feel that life has become overwhelming or they may have experienced a traumatic event. 

Some people access counselling as they feel it keeps them balanced and able to cope with the day to day.

Help when you need it

I don't always stick to 'traditional' office hours as I know that life isn't that simple. I can offer appointments before and after working hours as well as at the weekends. 


I have premises in Billesley and Shirley (West Midlands). I aim to offer appointments within 48 hours of contact and usually can see clients face to face within 5-7 days. I am also qualified to work remotely on platforms such as zoom. 

I also offer online therapy - either by zoom or telephone and I can see most clients within 48 hours of contact.